Patent Portfolios

Patent Portfolios

Upload a copy of your patent and attach the license terms during the post. In your post create multiple attachments for each characteristically different terms that you will apply and that would have unique price options, applications, exclusions, or region limitations.

You can even license your patent for free for any duration and the license manager would track each licensee. We control exclusive use in our system so multiple licensees do not allow additional licensees until the exclusive license term expires. This allows the use of your patent to be automated and they could be notified when your patent comes up for exclusive use. You set up how you want your patent and then let automation do the rest managing you material.

Let’s get your patents licensed and put to use instead of sitting in the file cabinet at the patent office. Please review our License Wizard Page, which shows the options we added for your convenience.

Some terms to place on the license that you may be specifically interested include:

  • You can either retain ownership entirely, retain ownership as specified, or relinquish ownership rights and you can assign rights as you specify.
  • We have optimized the interface so that you can control how your patent is used in specific markets, territories, or authorized and excluded uses. Use the general text box to make anything as specific as you would like
  • You can allow exclusive use or non-exclusive
  • Duration can be unlimited and perpetual or for a specific license term
  • Require that licensee must start distributing Work within a set amount of months
  • Restrict the allowed and disallowed activities
  • Royalty price options based on unit sales

Let’s look at the License Manager =====> Click Here


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