Premium Members Subscription Pricing:

  • $13.99 monthly
  • $39.99 quarterly
  • $74.99 semi-annually (  10% savings off monthly subscription price)
  • $139.99 yearly             (>15% savings off monthly subscription price)

Buyers of your material license are charged a 1% transaction fee or a minimum of $0.10 per transaction in addition to charges by bank or financial service fees. Financial service fee rates varies by payment methods.

Pay for a single membership period one-time payment or a recurring payment through PayPal…its up to you. Pay during a month when you need to manage your material and let your membership lapse until your material successfully sells. The length of membership to purchase depends on how creative you are or how many business needs you have. As a business you can post a request and wait as developers create the widget material. Save money until they provide you a solution by managing your membership term.

There are no requirements to remain a member every month of a year. You can adjust how often you buy a membership depending on how our service works to facilitate your needs. Buy a month and walk the stairs to upload your design request or solution.

Owner receives 100% of their defined license royalties. Buyer pays transaction fees.

The transaction fees are added to the PayPal shopping cart at checkout.

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