Founding Principles

The founding principles are established as the core value to a company and intended to grow with those principles as a guide. Here I will mention the founding principle as well as a point about the Digital Millennium Protection Act, and the motivation to writing this post.

A founding principle of ours is with the intellectual capacity encased in each persons brain cavity including limitless degrees of freedom of thought can create solutions or masterpieces that have a monetary value. Open source licensing has been around solving problems with limitless degrees of freedom, but lost the monetary value of each persons contribution. Our principle is that each artist, designer, or developer is paid for their work and although they could give their time and effort away for free we facilitate a transaction for people that want to recoup the value from their efforts.

The Digital Millennium Protection Act (DMPA) protects online publishers only in cases where they have not modified the content of a users post. A user posted on my Facebook timeline a logo and some details about their desired design concept. Restraining myself was difficult, but I wanted to copy their post onto my forum to facilitate their ability to get a solution. Doing so would remove all my protections of the DMPA and the company becomes liable. This company will not modify your post and you own the content. You are protected from Peak Imaginations, Inc. owning your post material because of the DMPA and copyright law. We do not and will not take ownership of your copyright. By the way…under the new guidance of copyright requirements an owner of material does not even have to identify the material as copyright and dated, but by virtue of an owner writing the material it becomes protected.

Let me talk now about my motivation. So we are at an impasse. I created a solution to facilitate opportunities for artists and designers and there in the distance sits the brick wall blocking people that want a beautiful logo from a creative genius without paying for either the facilitation or for the artists work. I could mention that the membership price is the price of a lunch and a cup of coffee and if you sat down face to face with a company to create your logo you could easily pay this. Owners of material have the right to either license their work and release their ownership or retain their ownership rights. This is how our service works for artists. They could release all rights for one price or since your logo and album art would be produced and distributed on a per unit sold the artist could have a price option for each unit sold. Thus, the ability of you to sell your album is directly related to the ability of the art to convey to the consumer the aesthetic value of your album. You worked together to create the final product delivered to the consumer and both of you deserve to be reimbursed for that intellectual capacity held in your noggins. Let’s pay artists for their time and efforts. Let’s not steal an artists work because it is online and apparently everything on the internet is open source free.




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