We have reorganized the website to provide the features in a list form that you select your interest and get more details.

Freelancers – You can be self-employed and license content in the library or collaborate on works.

Businesses – A business may have material or need material and we strive to make your company as efficient as possible.

Agents Representing Clients – Manage an unlimited number of clients Intellectual Property. You provide the legal advice and we help their material reach a licensee.

Collaboration – We believe the greatest efficiency of our world comes from online collaboration. Please go to this page to read some details about how we facilitate collaboration.

Content Library We created the IP Library, Sound Library and Multimedia Libraries as well as the Likeness Library that are each searchable. Our database is indexed by search engines and the content will be found on Google searches.

License ManagerThe License Manager summarizes the licenses you have purchased or submitted and allows you to modify the terms of future licenses.

License Creation WizardThe wizard puts the flexibility into the license agreement and gives you the control over your material and how its used.

Showcase – We have a description of this feature that starts on the freelancers page. It’s your page and allows you to characterize the collection of your material and body of work.

Secure HTTPS server-client link – The secure socket allows the server and your computer to communicate with encryption. This means that on wireless or wired networks your data is not immediately viewable to packet sniffers that are in the public domain.


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