Copyright Protection

Copyright Protection. Ever get to the point of no action because of fear something you created will be released to the public and it’s so great you stop? Solutions to world problems or great creative works could be a life changer. Start with part of the idea, which may be a solution to the larger problem and a piece that worries you the least.¬†Use this¬†necessary first step as a way to generate the monetary resources and solutions to the bigger grand idea.

Trade-secrets are a necessary burden and without relying on the honor system may be the only way to retain your intellectual property. Trade-secret definitely stifles the societies ability to efficiently advance, but without confidence some individuals and businesses only function this way. There are alternatives that may help you and please let us know if you are interested in our further development in this area. Copyright protection paper may answer your need. Even copyright paper works only on the honor system since any able body could trace or duplicate manually. I like the possibility this paper gives because it further eliminates automation of copying your works.

We could add this feature on our site that an owner of material would select in the License Wizard and this would force a purchase of physical material. Thus, the transaction occurs online and the owner continues the benefit tracking the licensee through our service.

The licensee would not get digital goods, but during checkout they select a publisher that will imprint the material using copyright protected paper. The licensee would pay the cost to receive the physical material.

On the other hand, protecting your material can be a public affair. Protecting something everyone knows came from you is a slam dunk compared with very limited traceability the idea came from you. Sure you have the notebook with dated and numbered pages, but with the public behind you the legal settling costs are in your favor and prompt. If you are at all worried then seek legal advice and submit your work to the copyright office. The copyright office is there for you and the only way you would be able to draw up litigation against infringement. If you show proof to a violator of your copyright either without a number or with a registered number the violator can choose the honorable path or the litigious path.

In my mind we stifle progress greatly in society and ultimately leads to the most inefficient use of our energy resources and limited Earthly time. In the grand scheme of saving money and energy let’s look at advancing society and get past our secret worries. It’s time to release your ideas and solve world problems. Our lifetime is short and really a drop in the bucket of time to hesitate or sit on great works. Make yourself known and be famous to protect yourself. We all know it came from you!




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