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Peak Imaginations is located in the first valley at the foothills of Mount Hood surrounded by pear, apple, cherry, and blueberry orchards with access to mountain biking trails, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, cross country and alpine skiing.


Peak Imaginations, Inc. was founded and incorporated in April 2014 with the intent to develop Intellectual Property and facilitate the licensing of Intellectual Property developed internally or by and through multiple third parties. Over the last four years the founder has worked as a consultant on video processing and analytic chemistry projects as well as performing research on ElectroActive Polymers (EAP) for component and actuator design. The office is an electronics lab occupied by one to three employees.

Material submitted to our online libraries are available to license online by third parties. These libraries are further categorized by material type and can be searched as well as SEO optimized for members. Visit our library and become a member to include your material for license by third parties.

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