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If you are an acting talent agent representing clients or free agent actor please read this page Represent a Likeness.


This page contains supplemental information to the businesses page about our service and addresses features to help manage client’s Intellectual Property portfolios by a licensing agent. Please call us at 541-399-7366 to speak with someone directly. Two features added are the first steps in a package of additional features in development. I will describe these two features and provide links to documentation to review further. These two features are included in the License Wizard and the License Manager pages on the secure server. A link below to an example License Agreement established by the terms defined by the licensing agent for a clients intellectual property material shows how our automated agreement is quickly processed for licensees.

Clients represented are included on the License Wizard

You include the name of the client, enable the check box, and the client is included on the agreement as material owner with your name on the agreement as the company agent on behalf of the client.

License Wizard Client
Identify the client in the License Wizard

Clients listed on the License Manager page

You can represent as many clients as you can draw to your business and with your membership access all the basic membership features for each of your clients. There is no per client fee. In the license manager you will see all your clients listed. We are adding additional code enhancements to include summaries of licenses and reports on your clients license sales over a time period. There will be more features added in the future to support you as a representative agent.

License Manager multiple clients
Manage your clients material easily

Example License Agreement for a client

Here is an example of how a license agreement may look when acting on behalf of a client. In the license manager you can select the Show button and obtain a pdf copy of the license agreement, which includes licensee details. You can follow up with the licensee and be the point contact for your client.

An example license agreement is below. The pretend scenario is where a company acts as an agent on behalf of a client for a patent. This license is automatically generated for each licensee based on the terms defined by the acting agent.

Left Click Here >>>>>>license_agreement_Patent #123452014_11_07_18_06_31<<<<<<<<

Your licensing agency is paid directly

Your company is paid directly for the licensing transaction and you pay the agreed royalties to your client minus your legal or representative service fees. You provide the core advice on the legal terms for the intellectual property and advice to your customer. You know our customer and give the most benefit to that customer. Therefore, you are paid 100% of the licensing royalties and Peak Imaginations does not take any material royalty. You and your customer get all the value from their works and your advisement.


Membership is $139.99 yearly to manage every one of your client’s material and enable online search engines without either of you creating all the web pages, search engine optimization, and accruing marketing and advertising fees for the material. Your clients get your high quality legal advice. Their materials see an online presence and you are able to react to the modification of additional license terms when their material is highly sought after or to accommodate special text in the agreements for a specific licensee’s use case.

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