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Peak Imaginations, Inc., an online licensing agent, was established to bring authors creative endeavors efficiently to customers and enhance the cross development of creativity between multiple third parties. We develop processes that socialize the licensing of Intellectual Property (IP) to bring solutions to licensee customers. We develop IP and provide that material for license or to Work for Hire contracts.


We are currently accepting consulting services opportunities for specialty products in medical electronics, image processing, analytic chemistry, chemical sensors, robotics, fpga, radio design, sensor networks, position and time, software tunable circuit elements, or electronic circuit designs. We can provide remote PCB layout services using Allegro and schematic capture with Orcad.

Concept to Manufacture

We will provide the work for hire or project service to document your concept, specify the interfaces, scope out the functional management or provide the Statement of Work (SOW), hire designers, design the product for high manufacturability and testability, Manufacture, Test, and create the product user manual.

Concept to License

We provide the service to take your concept to full realization from concept to manufacture and utilize our online licensing library allowing you to upload your material copyright or patent for others to manufacture. Thus, your idea is created as a Work for Hire and you own the Intellectual Property to license with full control.


Model Manufacturer Description Range Options
Test and Measurement
E4418B Agilent EPM Series Power Meter
8482A Agilent Power Sensor 100 kHz to 4.2 GHz
8481A Agilent Power Sensor 10 MHz to 18 GHz
8561B Hewlett Packard RF Spectrum Analyzer 50 Hz-6 GHz 003
8753ES Hewlett Packard Vector Network Analyzer 30 kHz to 6 GHz 002, 006, 010
35665A Hewlett Packard Dynamic Signal Analyzer Dual port DC to 102.4 kHz
Computed Order Tracking 1D0
Real-Time Octave Measurements 1D1
Swept Sine Measuremetns 1D2
Curve Fit/Synthesis 1D3
Arbitrary Source 1D4
HP Instrument BASIC 1C2
54601A Hewlett Packard 4 CHANNEL, 100MHz OSCILLOSCOPE DC to 100MHz
E4436B Hewlett Packard ESG-DP Series Digital RF Signal Generator 3GHz
Real-time I/Q baseband generator 1M RAM UN8
Internal dual arbitrary waveform generator UND
Multicarrier, multichannel cdmaOne personality for Option UND UN5
Multicarrier, multichannel W-CDMA personality for Option UND 100
Multicarrier, multichannel cdma2000 personality for Option UND 101
Real-time 3GPP W-CDMA personality for Option UN8 200
Real-time EDGE personality for Option UN8 202
DM253 Tektronix Multimeter
DM383B Uei Digital Multimeter
Calibration and Verification Kits
85029B Hewlett Packard Verification Kit, 7 mm
85031B Hewlett Packard Economy Mechanical Calibration Kit, DC to 6 GHz, 7 mm
85032B Hewlett Packard Calibration Kit, Type-N, 50 Ohms
85033D Hewlett Packard Calibration Kit, 3.5 mm
Power Supply
TP3030E TEKPower Power Supply 0-30V, 0-30A


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