Business efficiency provides long-term value

Effective Projects Provide Long-Term Value

Business efficiency, as I would like to define it, means a given business spends their money effectively on the intellectual capacity of an employee and continues recuperating value for years after the project has ended. This seems really basic, but companies do not realize the full potential value or have a method to transfer that value. I wrote procedures and Ethernet test plans; concepts that could empower employers, but in reality sit on a file server under utilized and those hundreds or thousands of pages would have tremendous value today at various companies. I think every project had Ethernet and needed an Ethernet test plan…something I originally wrote a career ago.

Companies want instant solutions to solve immediate project needs and will ship consultants from state to state; employees will get relocated over and over or project to project. Furniture I bought ten years ago have now cost about five times over from mover costs. I could have thrown all the furniture away before each move and bought new stuff for the price companies spent moving stuff around.

The only way I see to break this is for one or two companies and maybe one or two employees to accept change, review internal processes and recognize squeezing efficiency out of manufacturing costs will someday end and the only efficiency left will be the efficient use of brain power. Individuals will need to embrace change and over the next fifty years make it happen. No one person or company can make economies efficient without leading as individuals, by example, and show others real efficiency.

During a luncheon engagement I provided some historical details about the founding conception of Peak Imaginations by going into the details of the business inefficiency moving an engineer from one state and back again. My intent was to describe how spending money to get an engineer from Point A to Point A by way of spending $25k to go from A to B and $25k from B back to A is really socially inefficient and only short term effective. Families lose the social bonds needed from communities and communities never fully form or really never heal.

As the lunch progressed the guests were very willing to allow me the table and I went further to describe how technical video processing solutions I created fifteen years ago are now the same type of solutions needed by another employer that moved me.

This really irked him because then the feeling that I attacked a company he regards highly just occurred.

At that point almost all was lost and the point about business efficiency was lost. See in my mind I see the details of the video timing generators or some specific piece that I have to create for a new employer that is practically a duplicate solution to one 15 years ago. I see an analogy of the reinvention of the wheel and then the company spends three years making all the rest of the automobile to go around the wheel. Really where I lost my listener was at understanding that after a project ends the value an employee added with those monetary resources could live on.

You see I lost my listener, but it was the utilization of the intellectual resources from my earliest employers that have not retained value. The inefficient point starts with a new project and it was not that employer he thought attacked. I really was not attacking at all, but trying to show a 30 thousand feet concept.

Here is my tip. Before jumping into a new project decide what your market opportunity for the product is in time. Decide how your company will utilize that created material to gain future earnings after the product has become a commodity. You should not get out of the market completely since your company built that competency, but license all those procedures, test plans, concepts, and intellectual property.

Gain the most value from every dollar spent and continue to accrue value from the dollars those shareholders put into that project. Every procedure an employee creates has future value. Don’t let that material sit on a network server, but license the material and keep retaining value. This is business efficiency.




Freelance work – Create order, lower risk, and nurture yourself

For freelance work creating an avenue for success leads toward goals that may be scary and risky, but imagining how others will perceive you nurtures your internal perception and can encourage success. Risk can be very uncomfortable, but let me give you a couple words of advice that I learned from control systems theory. Nothing is controllable if it’s not observable. Let’s put the brakes on a second and I’ll repeat that differently.

You can only control your life if it can be observed. When you decide you want to take control of your life and career that means you need to start an imaging process. The imaging is fundamentally the most important part of the process to control your situation and condition. Spend part of your day evaluating and imagining situations and secondly applying a value of efficiency scale to your condition and then make a control choice.

Come back to the two words I mentioned risk and control. Risk always raises my heart rate and makes me want to run to safety. Getting comfortable with risk requires two things. The first is that you have a plan and the second is you have control. Thus, falls order. Observe, plan, control. Risk gets squashed because the result is control.

Now let me mention a couple things about nurture. You cannot achieve any goals nor trust in yourself without nurture. Nurture comes from within and created from an outward perception looking inward. Here are a couple things that you can do to nurture yourself.

Imagine how your friend will perceive you after you created something or solved a problem. Picture the positive. Your friend tells you, “good job” and “congratulations, let’s celebrate.” Create an image of yourself at a party or gathering of family or friends and they see your success and happiness. Tell yourself how you feel about that image.

The image of yourself and the control achieved is through daily goals. The most important goals are those small goals. The smaller the better sometimes because through achievement you not only provide yourself nurturing self worth, but the smallest goals have the lowest risk and provide the control necessary to capture your complete image.

All of us can be inspired by our inward perception or we can sink in the mud and trudge along a road of self pity and never reach success. Observe what you know and what intellectual property you have in your mind. Make a plan to create that material. Control your life and make your future a vision under your control. We are imagining the peak of your success everyday.

Sometimes I think back to the start of my venture and what terms I would place on success. Could it be fancy things or employees that look up to me? I think the most important thing has been making small progress daily. Two quarters have past and I’m working toward the same goal. At the start of my venture I created an inflection point milestone. This is a point where introspection and a deep breath occur. This is a point where you put a log on the fire and curl up with a cup of tea to observe, plan, and control.

Mid-November was this critical point where I had to evaluate my situation and decide what needed adjustment to get through another two quarters. I decided to get more work from outside and told a friend the plan. They happened to have some medical database software work that needed automation. They are ok with my ownership of the material copyright and this will give me material that I can add to our license library. Success is using tools to observe, plan, and control. Nurture yourself on every small goal you achieve.



Teaching Material Online

It’s likely not immediately obvious how our service enables teachers or colleges and schools. There is of course the textbook or How-To areas for written material in the IP Library, in addition, we have a multimedia library. Instead of making a free video and posting it for general use you can upload your training video or class session for license. This allows you to make a video and by your terms of license any school or college accesses your method of teaching for their curriculum. Your reach just expanded beyond where you could have originally imagined.

Make your teaching material available here ===> Upload


Empowering Others

There are events in our lives that guide us. Twenty-five years ago I worked in the woods planting Douglas Fir trees and fighting fires in Oregon with people with varying backgrounds from just graduating with eighth grade education to college graduate English Literature majors. Many friends have come by me over that time that have been gifted by wonderful ideas and solutions to world problems or great works of art. I think only 1% of these ideas have been accomplished in society to date and that is a very poor efficiency score.

Capital to empower those solutions or works of art have kept the fruition and advancement to only that 1%. I want to build a service that facilitates an additional 99% efficiency out of all the ideas out there and allow each person to license part of the solution to a larger problem. This is not the age of an industrialized nation transforming to a service oriented economy, but the age of intellectual efficiency advancement. This service is merely the facilitator to a greater event where intellectual efficiency advancement comes from empowerment of enabled minds to contribute in collaboration to world problems. Now 99% of the people without capital can be empowered.



Libraries – IP, Sound, Multimedia, Likeness

The IP Library is about written material and work that comes from the mind onto paper. Any idea can be uploaded and get a collaboration started. You can have an idea for putting a box satellite into orbit and define what you want to collect data on to get a collaboration going from experts that know how to create the radio links to transmit the data to a receiving station on the ground. If you haven’t gotten the hint yet our service enhances collaboration online. Collaboration puts money in your pockets as opposed to Open Source Licensing where its out of your hands to get paid for your work. You can start a novel that is written by multiple authors each alternating chapters or practically any other collaboration effort can be facilitated.

Likeness Library

This is where you may find likenesses for license to use in material derivative works. A likeness may be an artistic rendering or computer graphics for use in a video game or cartoons as examples or could be your direct image on film. Your likeness may be used in a commercial and you get paid each time the commercial is shown. The commercial owner links your likeness to their material and posts their material in the Multimedia Library. Manage your likeness by approving how your likeness can be used or restrict how it won’t be used. Thus, you can self manage your identity in the commercial domain.

Sound Library

The sound library is where you upload for license recorded material. Our Sound Library could be anything you choose from special effects to music. The sound can be segments or whole songs. This is another way for you to distribute your work. You may license your sound to be used in a song track and start collaborating with other musicians. Get fancy and let others use your sound segment into mixes and begin getting licensed. Just like licensing other material you can choose how you want to allow your material license to read. We have added special text boxes in the licensing wizard to allow you freedom to specify how your material can be used. You can record nature sounds and upload your collection of frogs in the pond or grass hoppers in the field and it is used in collaborated ways like for movies as an example. You can do what you love and we plan to give you the opportunity.

Multimedia Library

The multimedia library is a place to upload your work that has sound and video. This is a way to get direct sales on your video rather than using websites that uses advertising to get revenue. It’s a different way of thinking, but you never loose control over how the material is used because you set the terms in the license agreement. This is a great way for expert skiers to upload their skill video and others can edit each snippet into a training video. Each collaborator gets paid based on there defined royalties. The expert skier just did what they love, namely skiing Olympic level, and the editor did what they love. Now that the edited work is complete the distributor movie company buys the number of copies they need to produce the dvd or even perform a public performance of the contribution work at a movie theatre. Full circle…each contributor defined the price for the public performance with the specified venue allowed and the public finally got to see he movie. Of course the Multimedia Library is not only for skiers, but it could be for any category even animation or special effects. Now you can create your space flight to mars animation. Your world of opportunity is growing. Integrate your expert skier clips with the Likeness License and you control how you are represented to the public.

Here is the door to our libraries…oh look its open


Founding Principles

The founding principles are established as the core value to a company and intended to grow with those principles as a guide. Here I will mention the founding principle as well as a point about the Digital Millennium Protection Act, and the motivation to writing this post.

A founding principle of ours is with the intellectual capacity encased in each persons brain cavity including limitless degrees of freedom of thought can create solutions or masterpieces that have a monetary value. Open source licensing has been around solving problems with limitless degrees of freedom, but lost the monetary value of each persons contribution. Our principle is that each artist, designer, or developer is paid for their work and although they could give their time and effort away for free we facilitate a transaction for people that want to recoup the value from their efforts.

The Digital Millennium Protection Act (DMPA) protects online publishers only in cases where they have not modified the content of a users post. A user posted on my Facebook timeline a logo and some details about their desired design concept. Restraining myself was difficult, but I wanted to copy their post onto my forum to facilitate their ability to get a solution. Doing so would remove all my protections of the DMPA and the company becomes liable. This company will not modify your post and you own the content. You are protected from Peak Imaginations, Inc. owning your post material because of the DMPA and copyright law. We do not and will not take ownership of your copyright. By the way…under the new guidance of copyright requirements an owner of material does not even have to identify the material as copyright and dated, but by virtue of an owner writing the material it becomes protected.

Let me talk now about my motivation. So we are at an impasse. I created a solution to facilitate opportunities for artists and designers and there in the distance sits the brick wall blocking people that want a beautiful logo from a creative genius without paying for either the facilitation or for the artists work. I could mention that the membership price is the price of a lunch and a cup of coffee and if you sat down face to face with a company to create your logo you could easily pay this. Owners of material have the right to either license their work and release their ownership or retain their ownership rights. This is how our service works for artists. They could release all rights for one price or since your logo and album art would be produced and distributed on a per unit sold the artist could have a price option for each unit sold. Thus, the ability of you to sell your album is directly related to the ability of the art to convey to the consumer the aesthetic value of your album. You worked together to create the final product delivered to the consumer and both of you deserve to be reimbursed for that intellectual capacity held in your noggins. Let’s pay artists for their time and efforts. Let’s not steal an artists work because it is online and apparently everything on the internet is open source free.



Subscription Donation

Donating a subscription to a friend is about them and the belief you have in their ideas. We have just made available the ability to purchase a subscription coupon that would be used during registration by your friend. They enter the code and they start their journey. You both receive the coupon code in email that can be used once.

You do not have to be a member to send a gift. There is no registration requirement, but we have enabled only PayPal at this time.

We hope you and your friends journey together is the best.

Let me Give



Authorized Citizenship License Wizard Enhancement

Marking your material as US citizenship required is optional. We are pleased to announce the coding is in place and was tested to allow only authenticated USA citizens to purchase a license if an owner chooses. We understand how a complex process like releasing your property online can cause apprehension. Please contact our office to discuss what details you would like in the appendix of the license agreements on each purchase regarding the licensee citizenship. We will add additional features specific to your needs and requirements for the licenses. 1-541-399-7366

Additional countries will be added in the future. This is a complex process so please bear with us as the authentication methods are established.



Copyright Protection

Copyright Protection. Ever get to the point of no action because of fear something you created will be released to the public and it’s so great you stop? Solutions to world problems or great creative works could be a life changer. Start with part of the idea, which may be a solution to the larger problem and a piece that worries you the least. Use this necessary first step as a way to generate the monetary resources and solutions to the bigger grand idea.

Trade-secrets are a necessary burden and without relying on the honor system may be the only way to retain your intellectual property. Trade-secret definitely stifles the societies ability to efficiently advance, but without confidence some individuals and businesses only function this way. There are alternatives that may help you and please let us know if you are interested in our further development in this area. Copyright protection paper may answer your need. Even copyright paper works only on the honor system since any able body could trace or duplicate manually. I like the possibility this paper gives because it further eliminates automation of copying your works.

We could add this feature on our site that an owner of material would select in the License Wizard and this would force a purchase of physical material. Thus, the transaction occurs online and the owner continues the benefit tracking the licensee through our service.

The licensee would not get digital goods, but during checkout they select a publisher that will imprint the material using copyright protected paper. The licensee would pay the cost to receive the physical material.

On the other hand, protecting your material can be a public affair. Protecting something everyone knows came from you is a slam dunk compared with very limited traceability the idea came from you. Sure you have the notebook with dated and numbered pages, but with the public behind you the legal settling costs are in your favor and prompt. If you are at all worried then seek legal advice and submit your work to the copyright office. The copyright office is there for you and the only way you would be able to draw up litigation against infringement. If you show proof to a violator of your copyright either without a number or with a registered number the violator can choose the honorable path or the litigious path.

In my mind we stifle progress greatly in society and ultimately leads to the most inefficient use of our energy resources and limited Earthly time. In the grand scheme of saving money and energy let’s look at advancing society and get past our secret worries. It’s time to release your ideas and solve world problems. Our lifetime is short and really a drop in the bucket of time to hesitate or sit on great works. Make yourself known and be famous to protect yourself. We all know it came from you!