License Wizard

License Agreement Wizard

Licenses are added as a property on each attachment posted to the forum or library. We use interchangeably the words forum and library. You can Post or “Post Reply” within a library category.

Post Body

Inside the body of the post you describe what will be in the material for license. The body of the post may contain the actual material itself by the protections of the Digital Millennium Protection Act. You own the copyright to the words you use in the post or the material you attach.

An owner will describe their material details in the post to advertise what the licensee would purchase. You could have an archive zip file of all the material included in the purchase or individual documents or materials can have their own terms of use.

Post Attachment

Attach a file to the post, which would be purchased and configure those appropriate license terms for that one attachment specifically. For a patent or intellectual property attach a file that represents the material the licensee potentially will license such as a pdf of the patent.

Any time the terms should have different pricing then attach an additional file with those terms configured and pricing set. You can attach as many license configurations as you desire. You could have one pricing option that allows use of your material in whole or another price when using the material in part. You could have a specific pricing option for a public performance in Oregon compared with California or even specific pricing options by venue. The intent of the wizard is to give the owner all the rights and choices to the licensing of their material.

Owner Defined Licensing Terms

The owner of material selects the options for the license agreement. During this configuration each attachment can have different license terms and pricing. This is completely up to the owner. If a license option is missing from the wizard then email the administrator and we will add the additional custom option. The license terms are defined as part of the post attachment.

The owner of the material will decide on the pricing options and establish those as part of their post.

The buttons and text boxes the material owner can optionally configure are shown below. If an owner wants any adjustments to the agreement customized for their need just let us know and we can add in the License Agreement wizard changes.

License Wizard
License Wizard
License Wizard Continued
License Wizard Continued

US Citizenship Authentication

There is a selection on the license wizard to identify only authenticated USA citizens to purchase a license. This allows you to work with Peak Imaginations, Inc. on authenticating appropriate persons authorized to make a license purchase of your material. This can be a complex situation so let’s talk about how this can work with your patents and IP material.

Example Citizenship Required for your IP
Example Citizenship Required for your IP

Special Note: Please understand that additional citizenship authorization will be added in the future, but how to technically work through the authentication is a complex process requiring good forethought.

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