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The public doesn’t have to search the global network world for great works like yours. They could search this content library to access your material as well as your material will be indexed by Google on this database weekly.

Any idea can be uploaded and get a collaboration started. You can have an idea for putting a box satellite into orbit. Define the data you want to collect and through collaboration get experts that know how to create the radio links to transmit the data to a receiving ground station. If you haven’t gotten the hint yet we are excited about online collaboration and the doors that could be opened for you. Collaboration puts money in your pockets as opposed to Open Source Licensing where upon release its out of your hands to get paid for your work. We all love to do things we love, but we all deserve to retain the value from our work and licensing by your terms with your control is exactly what you need.

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IP Library

The IP Library is about written or computer generated material and work that comes from the mind onto paper or digital file.

Written material does not have to be a thousand page novel to be of use to others and can be a sewing pattern, 3D-printer design, or food recipe. There are so many categories already in the library and more are added each day. Plus, there is an “Other” category for material you are willing to license, but no category was created. This means your doors are no longer blocked and we will create a special category for you and move the material to a new category. There is no limit so make your vision a reality.

Let’s look at the opportunity categories. There is a category for just about everyone to license their idea, design, or authored work =====> Click Here

Sound Library

The sound library is where you upload for license recorded material. Our Sound Library could be anything you choose from special effects to music. The sound can be segments or whole songs. This is another way for you to distribute your work. You may license your sound to be used in a song track and start collaborating with other musicians. Get fancy and let others use your sound segment into mixes and begin getting licensed. Just like licensing other material you can choose how you want to allow your material license to read. We have added special text boxes in the licensing wizard to allow you freedom to specify how your material can be used. You can record nature sounds and upload your collection of frogs in the pond or grass hoppers in the field and it is used in collaborated ways like for movies as an example. You can do what you love and we plan to give you the opportunity.

Multimedia Library

The multimedia library is a place to upload your work that has sound and video. This is a way to get direct sales on your video rather than using websites that uses advertising to get revenue. It’s a different way of thinking, but you never loose control over how the material is used because you set the terms in the license agreement. This is a great way for expert skiers to upload their skill video and others can edit each snippet into a training video. Each collaborator gets paid based on there defined royalties. The expert skier just di what they love, namely skiing Olympic level, and the editor did what they love. Now that the edited work is complete the distributor movie company buys the number of copies they need to produce on dvd or even perform a public performance of the contribution work to the public at a movie theatre. Full circle…each contributor defined the price for the public performance with the specified venue allowed and the public finally got to see he movie. Of course the Multimedia Library is not only for skiers, but it could be for any category even animation or special effects. Now you can create your space flight to mars animation. Your world of opportunity is growing.

Read a post about facilitating teachers and schools. =====> Click Here

Likeness Library

This is where you may find likenesses for license to use in material derivative works. A likeness may be an artistic rendering or computer graphics for use in a video game or cartoons as examples or could be your direct image on film. Your likeness may be used in a commercial and you get paid each time the commercial is shown. The commercial owner links your likeness to their material and posts their material in the Multimedia Library. Manage your likeness by approving how your likeness can be used or restrict how it won’t be used. Thus, you can self manage your identity in the commercial domain.

Let’s look at the License Manager =====> Click Here


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