In the next fifty years we won’t be stuck ever deeper in traffic, but collaborating between ourselves and living life to the fullest solving world problems from everywhere. You may have a solution for retaining water dew from the air for farmers crops or harvesting energy from all natural sounds around us or how to create plastic from natural plant waste. Whatever you choose you can license your material solution and work with others to build the solution and you are not alone in this processes.

Collaboration is where your work is used as a derivative work by others. This means if you write software, source code for an electronics system, author a collaborative story, or practically any other collaborative effort you then get royalties for your contribution at the price you set per unit. This means you could create an entire electronics integrated circuit utilizing IP of contributors and build the solution. You could create a collaborative screenplay or a novel written by multiple authors. You could provided an edited manuscript to an author and reimbursed for your added value to the completed work that others eventually purchase (you just became a telecommuting editor in chief). Create a complete software defined radio solution for delivering video over a 30 mile radio link. Through collaboration society achieves maximum efficiency of our intellectual capacity.

Collaboration does not end with the material or online digital downloads, but we created a Showcase Store, which as we get a critical membership mass will release the PayPal integrated Showcase Shopping Wizard so you can sell your services of book binding as an example. You link the material and identify the unit price that you will bind the book. Thus, collaboration comes full circle where the customer wants material and orders a tangible product they can have the product in their hands to the authors Showcase work. We add value through the Showcase of your ability to put any licensable material choice in a beautifully leather engraved book binding on special paper that cannot be photocopied, or whatever your special added value is to a final product.

Collaboration Example

The collaboration case example uses music and musicians, but could be applied for any Intellectual property like the complete image processing functionality implementation inside an integrated circuit. This example uses five owners of their intellectual property and it begins with an example request.

A business called Peak Imaginations, Inc. wants a 28 second jingle advertisement. They post a request that the jingle have certain characteristics and must have words or concepts to their specification.

“We are looking for a jingle that conveys the message of connection, moving creativity beyond, beacon projecting in search, taking charge of ones life, and includes Mt. Hood.”

A creative artist (Collaborator A) thinks of some words for the jingle and adds the words to their response with license terms that includes the option to “use all, or in part”.

Price of IP is now Total = $A.

More creativity occurs when Collaborator B is inspired and switches some words around and adds their ideas. They also include an option to “use all, or in part”.

Price of IP is now Total = $A + $B.

Collaborator C loves the words and they can hear a piano melody. This person writes up the notation of the music and incorporates the words from Collaborator B and A.

Price of IP is now Total = $A + $B + $C.

Collaborator D is a band that has a drummer, guitarist, bass guitar, and trumpet player. They read the music and messing around one day put it together and it happens to come together nicely. They add in their composition and the collaborated IP cost is now

Total = $A + $B + $C + $D.

Collaborator E is a band with musicians as well as a vocalist. They record the music and post their solution for license. This collaboration when purchased by Peak Imaginations, Inc. pays all the collaborators at check out

Total = $A + $B + $C +$D +$E and chooses the option to Advertise the jingle 100 times.

Each collaborator gets a 100 units sale.

Collaboration is automated at checkout

We facilitate the collaboration between individuals directly during checkout and licensing. Add your material as you post a license using the License Wizard and identify the material you are including in your derivative collaboration work.

During checkout the price of the original owners material is included in the shopping cart with your material. Your material price is the added value you contributed to the collective work. In this picture below the original owner has a unit license price of $3 and the collaborative material price is $1 so the licensee pays both owners for their work directly to their PayPal accounts.

This example PayPal checkout with two owners.
This example PayPal checkout with two owners.

The Library for your material is here ======> Libraries


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