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Freelancers, working from home or anywhere and everywhere, can use our service to facilitate the release and license of their material to other individuals, businesses or collaborators. You create material in your field, and upload it as an attachment to a post and at the same time define the license terms. We think freelancers could be a designer, author, musician, artist, inventor, business, engineer, news reporter, clothing designer, architect, and practically any field is ready for your content. Don’t quit yourself before realizing your inner potential.

Even an unedited manuscript through collaboration can get edited and both you and the editor get paid. You set the terms on a license for using your work “in whole or in part” and an editor can edit your work. This allows you to upload each chapter for license and another person that has the time to edit your manuscript can take on that task as you work on the next chapter or another great work of art. This may be a different model than you are used to, but the editor purchases one license and makes their edits. The editor then uploads the edited work and selects the original author as part of the collaboration. Review our collaboration page to see more examples and that both the author and editor are paid for the terms they set.

Let’s describe this process in a little more detail. Upload your digital work or a representative document for license to others in the forum and with the help of the License Wizard define the license terms. Use words in your post that describe your material well because those words in your post are the search criteria and advertisement to others. The general web users will use search terms that are indexed by search engines because Peak Imaginations has created the code necessary for your material to be found. The indexing can take a week or two so choose your words wisely, because changes potentially could affect web users trying to find your material and could push off the indexing by additional weeks after making changes.

Try it out. Type in Google “Ultracephy” and you will find my design document for a microprocessor sensor network array system.  If your word choice is well defined your material will be found easily by others and you will be on the road to a sale of your works. We created many categories for inventors, musicians, writers, and engineering developers, but a search in Google will not find those categories until someone posts material into the category. So tell your friends if you see a category that matches their material works. We would be happy to support your friends on their pathway to success as well as you.

A buyer makes a purchase of a license to use themselves or maybe copy, sell, and distribute multiple units of your work depending on how you define the license terms. You are paid directly 100% of your defined royalties during the checkout process and they get your attached material upon the payment clearing.

There are no submission fees on each of your submitted works and we take 0% of your royalties. You are the material owner and deserve all the value for your life work. Membership allows you access to upload as much material in your enrollment period as you can create.

Self publish your writing or work

This is a great way to write the first chapter and start publishing your work without having to write the entire novel. You define the price and with the Showcase feature you can advertise to get a following and pay your way to the completed novel. If you need any help creating a pdf please let us know. Make a weekly comic strip and publishers could finally have a place to find your work. There are many categories in the Intellectual Property (IP) Library.

You subscribe with a Premium Membership account and set up the payment arrangements to link your banking information for purchase transactions. You have become your own boss and when businesses find your material to license and make a transaction then that money from the purchase goes to your bank account. You are now working from wherever you want and in any field you want. You could be composing a song one day and writing the next chapter of a novel or designing your next greatest Intellectual Property in computer circuitry the next.

You define the price for a single or to multiple licenses. Membership allows you to continue adjusting prices during your subscription period to be competitive and if your subscription lapses you still are reimbursed from the third party license purchase at the last price setting. You can withdraw your IP at anytime. We have PayPal integration so you are paid directly to your PayPal account. Sign up for one month or a year and get started now!

Once your material is uploaded then through collaboration it can be edited. Look at the collaboration page for more details. After you read about the libraries we have created for your material review the License Manager to see how easily you have control over your works. Our service is here to support you! In all cases give us feedback negative or positive so we can help you achieve your dreams.


The Showcase is a page that you create to advertise the many talents you have, the material you produced, or the service you can provide. You get to be creative and showcase yourself in the way you would like. We allow BB codes for customization. Don’t be caught last to Showcase your skills at software or firmware coding, editing, drawing, painting, composing, bookbinding, circuit board layout, or whatever your specialty. The Showcase is where you can make your material and abilities shine as a representation of you. It’s your own web page.

Find out more about the content libraries or skip down to Collaboration

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Membership can be paid on a single month or as a subscription. Membership is $139.99 yearly subscription, which is greater than 15% monthly subscription savings to manage your material and enable online search engines without additional work on you. This allows you to avoid creating all the web pages, search engine optimization, and accruing additional marketing and advertising fees for your material. Your materials see an online presence and you are able to react to the modification of additional license terms when the material is highly sought after like a current event news article, a key technology widget, or to accommodate special text in the agreements for a specific licensee’s use case. You manage your material under your terms and upload an unlimited number of works at no additional cost and retain 100% royalties on your works.

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