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Owners of a Patent, Copyrighted material, or Intellectual Property provide material and allow Peak Imaginations, Inc. to facilitate a license purchase under the terms defined in their license agreement. On this page you will read a description of the steps needed to participate in our service, how your material reaches views, and how our service brings additional efficiency to your organization.

Participate with Peak Imaginations, Inc.

There are three steps to participation: 1) setup your banking paypal account, 2) register with our service, and finally prepare and upload your material.

Set up a PayPal account. Although we could accept a check or wire transfer our service is centered around PayPal. If your organization requires a method of payment other than our current offering please let us know so we can focus on those transaction processes in our website coding. We currently use PayPal for all our transactions, but as our banking gets more sophisticated buyers of your material will see lower transaction fees. Our transaction fees to the buyer is determined on a monthly corporate sales basis and decreases as more sales occur through our organization each month.

There are no submission fees on each of your submitted works and membership allows you access to upload as much material in your enrollment period as you can create. Your organization retains 100% of the material royalties. Our service operation runs on membership fees and a 1% transaction fee per license purchase paid by the buyer.

Register with our service using the registration menu or the link at the bottom of this page. Registration as well as all uploads and transactions occurs through our secure server and you will be redirected to carry out the registration process. To access that secure server at any time the URL redirects your web browser to that secure site.

Digital material could be any form including a representative document of the material like a patent, or a compressed file that provides the necessary files a licensee needs at the time of purchase. Any file type should work and because there are so many specific file type in engineering you may need to notify us if an error uploading occurs. It won’t be complicated so call us at 1-541-399-7366 or email our webmaster.

Your Copyrighted material, Intellectual Property or Patent reaches views

Seeking Material

As a business or organization seeking material there are two ways we facilitate a solution to your business need or problem to solve. You can directly go to our forum and navigate the directory tree or “Library” and when there is no content available you can post a description of your need or provide a design specification to describe the problem. You can attach the design specification either for free or license with a price. You may want to sell the design specification at a price because your engineering effort has value and using our license feature includes wording that represents a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Your design specification is copyright material best handled appropriately. Even if you do not want to charge a monetary value using the zero dollar cost for the 1 to unlimited would allow a license to be generated to a specific individual and then you would see that record using the license manager. We facilitate your organization either way to give the specification away for free or with a license.

Registered authors or designers as well as other organizations can review and provide a solution and they can “follow” a category so they will be notified by email after your submission. Authored works or design material needed for your project already available for license can purchased immediately. Authors and designers using web search engines will find your job need and be able to immediately begin solving your business need because our service is indexed by search engines. The words you use in the post are used for this indexing so if there is an introduction in your design specification copy and paste that into the post or choose the appropriate search words to get authors and designers attention.

We provide an efficient method of accessing design solutions without the high costs sending designers halfway across the country. Take advantage of time to market and possibly evaluate more than one solution to a problem quickly and efficiently. Stop spending your resources reviewing resumes and interviewing. You can become an efficient business today. Upload your design requirements or specification NOW.

Supplying Material

If your business, organization, or university has material then you can upload your material for license. We created a video on and linked it on our freelancer page if you want to see a tutorial on uploading material. Uploading material takes roughly five minutes if all the preparation is completed before hand. A couple things that will optimize your time would be to seek legal advice on the terms and conditions necessary for your material and then upload the material. Determine the appropriate marketing keywords people will use for their web search to find your material. Create a price structure for what is acceptable for each units of sales. Having all these suggested tasks complete prior to submitting the material: 1) seek legal advice, 2) marketing keywords, and 3) pricing the material; will keep the delays to a minimum. Delays by search indexing occur because each time the keywords are changed those new sets of words must propagate to the search indexes.

Your company now can license the rights to material that your team of experts have created and now obtain the most value and efficiently. We know many businesses come to a point where employees have finished the work for the current projects and you are at an inflection point for utilizing their talent. We are giving you the opportunity to utilize that employees ability further by letting them be creative to develop material specified and owned by your company and your company sells licenses for that work.

We created a selection box that allows you to restrict general public from viewing your post material and identify our designers to view your material for direct consulting on a project.  We understand how some products marketing must remain out of public view. Our service facilitates linking professionals across the country to businesses that may not have the project scope to hire direct.

If you would like to supply physical goods in addition to a license then our Showcase page would be used as the store. The Showcase coding development could get a higher priority if your business registers and notifies us that you need the store development for physical goods as a priority. We would complete the store wizard for your material and paypal integration.

Business Efficiency

Our intent is to facilitate a more efficient process of developing solutions to problems people and businesses face. We provide categories where material can be conceptualized, designed, and licensed so the intellectual advancement of society progresses at an efficiently faster rate. You could run your business like every other company out there and hire a person to invent the wheel to your specification and take the years to integrate it into your product through the development cycle of complete quality testing or take the efficient route and work with others collaboratively and online.

Individuals or organizations may solve a problem. We have freelancers checking out our database everyday waiting for that one business need and they are ready to work with you. Organizations that have experts in many areas can help solve your business needs, thus, business-to-business collaboration developments can occur.

The Library

The Library for your material is here ======> Libraries


Membership is $139.99 yearly, which is greater than 15% monthly savings, to manage your material and enable online search engines without additional work on your part. Posting material to our library allows you to avoid creating the web pages, search engine optimization, and accruing additional marketing and advertising fees for that material. Your materials see an online presence and you are able to react to the modification of additional license terms when the material is highly sought after like a key technology widget or to accommodate special text in the agreements for a specific licensee’s use case. You manage your material under your terms and upload an unlimited number of works at no additional cost and retain 100% royalties on your works.

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